Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku Trilogy – Zelda Clone to ALMOST Great – Austin Eruption

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Dragon Ball Z has a soft spot in my heart and is one of my favorite shows and anime in general. However, Legacy of Goku is… something a little different. I’d love a Switch Port of the second and third GBA games though. With the new Broly movie coming out in a few months I felt the need to catch up and play a bunch of DBZ games, so here’s the first of what is probably gonna be a lot of videos with this kick tbh. Also Piccolo best dad.


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27 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku Trilogy – Zelda Clone to ALMOST Great – Austin Eruption”

  1. I got these games as handy downs as a kid and they actually were my first introduction to dragonball and I played the fuck out of them. I loved them and they were what originally got me to watch the show.

  2. I got stucked in LOG2 in that same egg mission, I didn't got to unlock Trunks or even Goku, My savegame now is lost, but I always wanted to know how the game went after you enter Dr Gero's Basement.

    Buu's fury on the other hand was way too easy for me, despite the fact that the money and the equipment made the game much better, it was still very easy; the only challenging boss is Janemba, because it actually uses the mechanics to feel challenging and not only spamming punches. All the other bosses rely on the grinding. You would spend the most time grinding in the Babidi's spaceship and capturing dragon ballz with Goten & Trunks.

  3. Grinding wasn’t too bad in Buu’s Fury, IMO. Not only do you obviously have the different weighted options that greatly increase how much experience you earn per kill, but once you obtain the Gokuu Hat, you earn an additional stat point per level up which, if you use it when allowed at level 100, will allow you to have two perfect stats of 200 and the other only being like… 20 something points off?

  4. Played the first one. Never played either of the sequels.

    I actually beat it, which is ASTOUNDING, because it was janky and hard and I was really impatient as a kid, but for whatever reason I just brute forced my way through.

  5. Omfg sometimes they are too canon in legacy of goku 2 when vegeta and trunks come out of the hyper time chamber their super saiyan forms are super strong and they look buff as fuck but off its much slower than before makes u not even wanna go super saiyan luckily though after trunks gets a talk by cell about how fucking slow it is it seems they stop using That form and go back to regular super saiyan where they are much faster again. Nice little attention to detail but man they really made you feel how trunks did when fighting cell 😂

  6. Legacy of Goku series is actually awesome you had to play it in its time to enjoy and if you love dbz it never was a problem

  7. Legacy part 1 was awesome for me and part 2. Unfortunately I never owned part 3. I also remember in part 1 that the max lvl was 25 or something like that


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