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Directed by Ivan LeRoy

Written by Earl of Bassington, Ivan LeRoy

Edited by Ivan LeRoy, MyToasterIsStupid, Doktorapplejuce

Viewtiful Val // King Cold / PR Force
Leaping Bass // Frieza
PhreadyPlayerOne // Vegeta / King Vegeta / Gogeta / Kid Trunks
CharlestonVO // Scientist
IvanMan64 // Paragus / Shenron
DoktorApplejuce // Beets / PR Agent / Jester
Kanono // Broly
Bohbear // Scarhead
Ivan LeRoy // Bardock / PR Force
Spritestuff // Raditz / Piccolo / the Detective
Naomified // Goku / Gine / Bulla
Earl of Bassington // Beerus / Whis / Blue
MinaMinaVA // Bulma
CoopTroop // Lemo / Sayain Soldier
MewVenus // Cheelai
Earl of Bassington // Beerus / Whis / Blue
LegendbyDesign // Sayain Soldier
LeSean McNally // Sayain Soldier

Jump (Van Halen)
The Birth of Frieza’s Army (Norihito Sumitomo)
Broly’s Potential (Norihito Sumitomo)
Broly on the Frontier (Norihito Sumitomo)
Bardock Falls (Norihito Sumitomo)
Adventure Begins (Norihito Sumitomo)
Broly, the Wild Child (Norihito Sumitomo)
An Unexpected Bounty (Norihito Sumitomo)
Broly’s Sorry State (Norihito Sumitomo)
Broly Begins to Battle (Norihito Sumitomo)
Requiem Dies Irae (Masamichi Amano, orig. Giuseppe Verdi)
Free Broly (Kanono & Ivan LeRoy, orig. “Free Fall’n” by Tom Petty)
The Birth of Gogeta! (Norihito Sumitomo)
Full-Force Kamehameha (Norihito Sumitomo)
I’m Kakarot ((Norihito Sumitomo)
Monster Mash (Henry Jackman)

DragonBall is owned by TOEI ANIMATION and licensed by FUNimation. DBS Broly the Movie is distributed by 20th Century FOX. All Rights Reserved. DragonBall, DragonBall Z, DragonBall GT and all logos, character names and distinctive likenesses thereof are trademarks of TOEI ANIMATION. This is nothing more than a Parody made for entertainment purposes only.

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27 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super BROLY ABRIDGED MOVIE”

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  2. Okayy, 🙄so i was thinking , goku broke out of his shell, which is referred as UI, and as whis said it's very hard to master, but if jiren Or broly does it, won't they be even more powerfull then goku?

  3. Something I just realized: Through Super, the main group of characters are usually Goku, Vegeta, Bulma, Bills and Whis. They appear in pretty much every episode, the plot usually moves around or because of them and they usually interact with each other the most. Not all of them at the same time, even though we have several scenes of the five together, but usually Goku and Vegeta, or Vegeta and Bulma, or Bulma and Whis, or Beerus and Whis, or Goku and Beerus, and so on. And the first time we see these characters in the present in this movie, guess what? It's the five of them together. That's awesome.

  4. I just realized I’m the movie they showed ultra instinct at 15:19 so they showed a sneak peak of what it would look like


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