Critical Role D&D Highlights: HOW TO DISGUST MATT MERCER (2:10) | #CriticalRole

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Video footage courtesy of Geek & Sundry. “Critical Role Highlights” is unofficial and not affiliated with Geek And Sundry or Critical Role.


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46 thoughts on “Critical Role D&D Highlights: HOW TO DISGUST MATT MERCER (2:10) | #CriticalRole”

  1. 0:56 obviously the oxidising is rust from the water around it and not from the poop. cos eating metal, now THAT would be crazy

  2. what did he say that disgusted him and what did sam say after how can you understand fmjbnafhjbvhjabgyrbvg at the quietest mumbling tone this world has ever seen

  3. Knowing what results with the combination of Sam and anything poop related, why Laura went for a pastry at that precise moment? 😂😂😂

  4. 1. Setup of fecal matter
    2. Liam kicks off the proceedings with the diarrhea blasting
    3. Liam and Laura getting the munchies
    4. Setup of 'familiar'
    5. It's blood. 1:49 Sam's smile as he puts two and two together
    6. The delivery while Liam and Laura take a bite and Matt's face
    7. 'I know this taste' payoff and Matt realising it's all his fault
    8. 2:08 the BG crew start laughing
    9. Laura finally giving up

  5. I’d like to imagine Pringle’s was the episode’s sponsor and wasn’t very specific about where to plug the product.

  6. Reminds me of the first time one of my fellow players literally examined the ass of a dead goblin and actually found some coin inside.. DM only realised that this was probably a bad idea when it has been too late already ^^"


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