Cards Against Humanity – PART 1 – With GAME GRUMPS! – Table Flip

We’re playing games on a table! It’s Table Flip!
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43 thoughts on “Cards Against Humanity – PART 1 – With GAME GRUMPS! – Table Flip”

  1. looking at the zoomed out picture of suzy dressed like that around all the other guys is quite unsettling

  2. First of all I gotta say I love all of their cosplays and second of all this is the first video I’ve seen Suzy in and she’s so sweet

  3. Ya know, I thought Ross looked just like the doctor, and then he said “Allons-y” and now I know it was all on purpose

  4. Still lowkey mad Suzy didn't pick "Making the penises kiss" when it easily got the best reaction out of her lol

  5. Me, watching this when it came out at the age of 9: this is perfectly acceptable content

    Me now: OH SWEET JESUS

  6. I know this is a older episode, but WHY has no one in the comments say anything about ross being "The Doctor"?


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