CAMEL UP | Games Night

It’s Games Night and today we’re playing Camel Up! It’s a game where you have to bet on which camel will win a race. ► Head to the Yogscast store for 10% off board games such as Camel Up!! ◄

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39 thoughts on “CAMEL UP | Games Night”

  1. I am surprised that the Yogs dont get shit for saying nazi shit nearly every week.
    This just shows how relaxed, understanding of humor, and non SJW the fanbase is.

  2. 18:46
    I was literally saying as he was shaking it, If only jemimah (ugh idk spelling) can get 3…

    5 secs later..

    im saying "CALLED IT!"

  3. Honestly everyone is here talking about Duncan's hair but I don't care about that, he can do what he wants. I'm more concerned about the fucking echo in this room, holy shit guys it's so bad.

  4. Did anyone realise how good Duncan was at predicting the dice? he called both the Orange 3 AND the Yellow 3


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