Bulma Plays The Walking Dead The Final Season "Take Us Back" | EPISODE 4

The Walking Dead The Final Season EPISODE 4 “Take us Back” Full playthrough, live reaction.
#Takeusback #Clementine #StillNotBitten

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37 thoughts on “Bulma Plays The Walking Dead The Final Season "Take Us Back" | EPISODE 4”

  1. Don't feel bad, Bulma, I failed that bridge segment multiple times as you have to hold off the walkers while avoiding Minnie's gunfire.

  2. Walking Dead is over😢bye Minerva she's my baby girl😢
    Her head got corrupted by Lily it wasn't her fault she can still go back with them😢she's just trying to protect her friends

    Edit: thanks for the likes😊
    I resurrected The Walking Dead now i sing don't br afraid
    I understand Minerva's point of view…..no adult were in the school because of there stories only the kids were protecting the school. All of them doesn't know how to kill. They voted Marlon to be the leader……..
    Marlon gave Sophie and Minerva away to get tougher stronger so they wouldn't have to fear walkers. Sophie really wanted to come back to the school she misses all of them but Minerva killed her. When Minnie killed her at the time when Minnie and Sophie were there in the Delta it made them like they were part of Delta like families. Minnie get to eat alot of good food, laugh, share a blanket. In school you couldn't do any of that. The Truth Minnie wanted everyone to get taken to make them all stronger and so they could be together again. Sophie's death traumatized Minerva

  3. bad momma bulma. you tought trunks to be a toddel badass. and not a failure that vegeta asked for. please don't corrupt braw

  4. I really wish they would make a DLC for the finale season to show us what happened to all the characters who disappeared. As much as I want Christa to be alive, which I don't think she is, I really would love to see what really happened. Not just to her, but also Mike, Arvo, Bonnie, if she lives, Kenny, if you stay at Wellington. Imagine how great it would be to see what really happened to everyone. Even the characters from season 3. What happens to Joan if you don't shoot her, Clint if you don't take the deal, if Kate goes missing, is she actually dead, or just gone? What happens to David if he doesn't stay in Richmond if he lives. What happened to James if he lives in season 4? Or Lilly if she lives? Or if you decide not to shoot Lee in the first season, does someone else shoot him later? Or is he forever a walker? Maybe see how Kenny survived in between season 1 and 2, maybe the whole back story of all the groups Clem has been with, I know it would be a lot of work, but imagine how worth it that would be. They would finally be able to make a season where all of your choices matter. Please Skybound. At least consider it.

  5. When a zombie wants to take a quick swim before he goes to heaven
    (One of the most things people are afraid of going in the water)
    This is super funny that it MAY happen in real life
    (But if it happens and their zombies!)
    24:58 ⬅️ There…(^^)


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