Bulma Plays BULMA ADVENTURE 3 – Vegetamins! – Part 2/2

Bulma Plays through her own game! Bulma Adventure 3 Dragon Ball RPG, part 2 of 2!!! Created by ➤ yamamotodoujinshi . Bulma gets her vitamins from Vegeta and joins the Ginyu Force!
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49 thoughts on “Bulma Plays BULMA ADVENTURE 3 – Vegetamins! – Part 2/2”

  1. Check Out Part 1 if you missed it! : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R_ENrscH5ns
    Also Check out Bulma Plays Bulma Adventure 2 : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLq40o2bT_RXDuOEF6v4TzyRScH_vH2Gs1

  2. Hey uh you guys did you know that this game is a sex games and if you lose u get sex scenes I played it and regret doing it so just letting you know

  3. It's funny they didn't actually ask her to voice this game 😐 considering how many likes the video God that might have been the right call

  4. Hold it making sandwiches
    In a dragon ball game in the us they censored Roshi by having him ask to be fed sandwiches
    Either I’m reading into it or that was a really good reference

  5. I finally found this awful comment…. I apologize to everyone who saw it Also, how diseases bulma got from….those experiences

  6. Whats the link to the game i wanna see everything but she blocked it out so does anyone know the link to the game because i tried searching it up on google and all i got was pirn websites so if anyone know the link to the game can you give to me pls and thank you

  7. Each time when you say, "Frieza-Sama." For some reason, (To me) it sounds like you're saying "Frieza Santa," instead of Frieza-Sama. I found that kinda funny. Great Video, I know that Prince Vegeta (The Youtuber), enjoyed it the most out of everybody.

  8. Bulma take bra Away of vegeta because he is cheating on you with 18 and you must go To goku and have sex with goku Fuck vegeta you can let chichi have vegeta fuck it goku have a bigger dick then vegeta


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