A NEW MYSTERY – Mansions of Madness (Games Night)

On Games Night today, We play Mansions of Madness on Games Night. Our game is continued on the Games Night channel so make sure to head over there to follow the mystery! ► Head to the Yogscast store for 10% off board games such as Mansions of Madness!! ◄
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29 thoughts on “A NEW MYSTERY – Mansions of Madness (Games Night)”

  1. Those first two horror cards that got dealt out, they are ALWAYS taken face up UNLESS the game says to take them face down.
    "Take two horror damage" is pick up and read two horror cards and resolve them

  2. lmao they probably thought he was making a joke but tom's right, there's definitely call of cthulhu scenarios with raccoon jump scares

  3. funny how the old man who shouldnt even be fighting does the most damage and the guy with a machete does the least

  4. The two guys with beanies to cover hairloss on the left, versus the two guys with weed-like hair growth on the right.
    May the best shampoo win


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