『AMV』 Dragon Ball Super Broly Theme Song 「Daichi Miura – Blizzard」 Lyrics

Dragon Ball Super Broly Theme Song『Daichi Miura – Blizzard』Romaji/Kanji/English & Spanish Lyrics
Anime Film “Dragon Ball Super : Broly” Theme Song

Anime Movie : Dragon Ball Super : Broly
Artist: Daichi Miura
Song: Blizzard


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47 thoughts on “『AMV』 Dragon Ball Super Broly Theme Song 「Daichi Miura – Blizzard」 Lyrics”

  1. Goku deserved that ass whooping. You gonna start off in your base form after seeing Vegeta get yeeted into a mountain side while in God form? Jackass.

  2. Broly don’t need the Oozaruu to become uncontrollable x) and he’s so strong lol
    And Goku almost transform into ultra instinct man 👀

  3. in the minute 3:48 it is as if it is transformed into the ultra instinct I don't know dragon ball very well but I think that there it transformed for the first time into super sayayin blue I think

  4. Broly handled super saiyan in his base, could overpower their god forms in his wrath form, and could beat them both in blue with his own ssj1. It took the both of them in fusion to match his ssj before going blue to overpower his LSSJ. That's the best summary i could get from the clips in this song


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